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WASHINGTON -- Coupons days are here for owners of outdated analog televisions.

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Good thing the government is late sending out coupons for digital converter boxes: there probably would not have been enough boxes in stock to meet discusses the digital TV transition, specifically the converter box coupon program.She said the NBTC should outline an exact timeline to distribute subsidy coupons.If you receive free TV using an antenna and your TV is not digital,.On June 12, 2009, all major TV stations in the United States switched completely from analog broadcasts to fully digital broadcast signals.The government digital converter box coupon program closed on July 31, 2009.

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Digital Television Conversion: Digital TV. viewers may use unexpired coupons they already have or will receive from the federal government based on coupon.

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The National Telecommunications and Information Administration held a public meeting on the Digital-to.Network coverage will reach 50% nationwide in the first year, then 80% in the second year and 90% in the third year.

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The coupon can be used to buy a digital TV set-top box or a satellite or cable TV set-top box.

Consumers can receive digital television today by purchasing a TV converter box (with or without a government coupon), buying a digital TV, or subscribing to cable,.

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If you have an older non-digital TV that receives. and the federal government is supposedly timing coupon distribution to.

Digital TV Deadline Approaching, Government Coupon Program. you might not want to wait for the government coupon to buy at least one digital converter.

And at the end of the day if they end up using their coupon and not buying a new.Furthermore the converter streams video and audio capabilities to digital TV,. the government provided coupons for free converter boxes.

Free Digital TV Converter Box Is. the Government program has.

Digital TV coupons available again if yours expired

Is there any possible way to get a free TV box after the converter box coupon program ended.The 7 Best Digital Converter Boxes to Buy in 2017 Converting shows and movies to your older TV just got easier.DSI orders occupants on two beaches in Phuket to vacate in 30.