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We have seen a lot of questions about the Target Coupon Policy lately.What happen to me at Target, also happen to my friends while they were checking out too.

There is a Target Coupon Policy Update with a new FAQ to their policy and it is GOOD NEWS.Have you ever had trouble using a coupon at the Target checkout line, only to have the cashier work some keyboard magic to get you the discount.The new team member was really friendly and patient, but however Betty, on the other hand was so not nice.To be honest, I do all the time, and it has worked for me ALL THE TIME.Basically the changes have to do with using coupons on a BOGO sale.

I have never had any problems with using 3 or 4 alike coupons as long as I have 3-4 items of that product (basically one coupon per product, not one coupon for 3 products.) I also know target has a limit of only 4 alike coupons, which is stated on the coupon policy.He allowed me to use one coupon and even asked if I was going to purchase the rest with this transaction.Target is very rude and disrespectfully, managers have no clue how the coupon policy works and make up there own store policy.Did you know coupon stacking at Target is. is similar to stacking at other stores in that you cannot stack manufacturer coupons.I do not even understand how I stopped up here, but I thought this submit was.

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I was denied at my target and i just said "oh, ok".I want to coupon the right way so that the stores are actually getting their money back so that they are still on top and not loosing profit.When accepting coupons, we follow the guidelines below to ensure all guests have the opportunity to purchase products at great prices.

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Target has recently changed its coupon policy, you can see the new policy HERE.I had a very very bad experience trying to use coupons at Target the last time I was there.Being made to feel humiliated and as though you are stealing is flat out wrong especially when I went out of my way to mKe sure I was following their policy.

I strongly urge you to contact our Home Office Customer service line and discuss this issue with them.

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I know your policy states you take 4 like coupons unless otherwise noted on the coupon.When Target let their managers amend the coupon policy as needed they also allow managers to lose business.

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Lately, I have been having a little trouble with Target accepting some of my coupons.

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So in the end I did not purchase anything, but only the Kandoo products.If so, Target would not survive a day with that kind of customer service.

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Shared on June 14, 2011 This post may contain affiliate links which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.As I have said many times, I live near an extremely coupon-friendly Target.If you shop at Target, definitely print this policy to keep in your binder.To be sure I got my information correct, I emailed the company and asked.I am still confused on why both the cashier and manager felt it necessary to put me in the same category as someone who commits fraud and buys to resell.

I called customer service and they opened an investigation supposedly because of how the cashier treated me.This I understand but when I asked to speak to the manger he said that some people are reselling items and buying in bulk.Target has added a few lines to their Price Matching Policy that I thought I should share before you try to price match in the store.With all this said, I just want Target to properly train their employees of the coupon policy, so that my next shopping trip will not be the same experienced.