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When the show premiered on TLC in. value of the fake coupons that her son used.Coupons used on the Extreme Couponing show are counterfeit, fake, and TLC says no comment.It was Cataldo who actually reached out to the CIC to point out the counterfeit coupon scheme.Get the latest news and information about Extreme Couponing on TLC.For printable coupons only, enter link to printable pdf or image of coupon.

TLC opens doors for you to peek into the lives of interesting people and is about.

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There are serious issues on many levels if Joel, a minor, was encouraged to break the law and use fake coupons to create this incredible-for-TV trip.

Some reviewers and viewers have scorned the show as….

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In her blog post on the matter, Cataldo makes some serious allegations.Results 1 to 18 of 18 Thread: Extreme Couponing, real or fake.

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The truth about Extreme Couponing - Coupons used on the Extreme Couponing show are counterfeit, fake, and TLC says no comment.It seems that we are in for another season where TLC, the producers of Extreme Couponing as well as the. 1st off i have to say this show is so fake it.

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We wanted to show to our friends in the United States that up here we also love to use coup.

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Scott (me), from Long Island, NY, gears up for one last shopping trip before his wife Amy.I noticed our local Wal-Marche put up signs saying that the TLC show Extreme Couponing is only in the.

The Right Way to Cancel a Credit Card The 10 Richest Presidents in American History 5 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps Want To Get Bank Fees Waived.For example, Ivanovsky prints coupons from multiple computers in her.

Extreme Couponing follows savvy shoppers as they plan and plot their way.

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Last week, the CIC confirmed that, indeed, one of the couponers featured on the show had used counterfeit coupons.



Today there was a marathon TLC Extreme Couponing day on one of the local stations,.

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He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and four sons, and also teaches journalism at UMass-Amherst.Find coupon codes and apps, and learn how to save money and live rich.And in extreme couponing, there are few restrictions on what constitutes fair play.

How and why did a teenage boy try to get away with 408 rolls of toilet paper.

Extreme Couponing, which premiered on TLC, has elicited some extreme reactions.

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Extreme couponing might not be for everyone, but these tips can still help keep your bank account healthy.